Thursday, September 02, 2004

Standing Next to Steven

My good friend Steven says he has so many good things happen to him, that all I have to do is stand next to him -- something outrageously cool is bound to fall on me.

Let's see: I had a great trip to Augusta and back. There's even talk of me coming back and speaking to another group of students at Augusta State. It's a boring drive between Augusta and Atlanta, but after all the excitement of an open-mic Q&A with medical students, I'll take some boring, thank you very much. The students were eager to ask questions and listen. No one was rude or got angry. We talked about things like moral relativity, social constructs, the historicity of the Gospels, the canonization of the New Testament, the exclusive claims of Christianity. We were civil and managed to laugh some. It was a pretty good night.

Yesterday, our mortgage company re-examined our loan structure and shaved hundreds of dollars off our monthly payment. The girls get to go to preschool! Now if we can find a good one with a short waiting list that's not too far from our house.

I met with Reggie for lunch today. He not only bought me Chinese food (which is, after all, good for you), we talked about all the projects he has lined up for me to help him with. Between Reggie and Ken Boa, I have more work than I have time. We also talked about dad stuff. Reggie's one of the best dads I know. With his crazy schedule, he still manages to find time to go out on dates with his 13-year-old daughter. I hope I remember to do that kind of stuff when my girls get older.

I spent some time with my buddy Daniel -- helped him clean out his office today. He's in the middle of one of those leap-of-faith things I've written about before. It's fun and scary all at the same time. He's so full of ideas and passion. He has no idea how he's going to provide for his family, but he's learning just how big God really is right now.

I'm looking forward to meeting with Lanny tomorrow for lunch. He's got something really exciting that I can't wait to hear about. Plus, I always have a lot of fun with Lanny.

I got a check today, so we can pay the car payment -- on time. I think all the bills are nearly accounted for now.

My girls are healthy. My wife is lovely. My house is stately. My clothes fit. My belly is full. I may even drive over to Bruster's and pick up some ice cream after the girls are in bed.

The stuff that happens to me isn't as outrageous as the stuff that happens to Steven sometimes. But it's great to see God work through seemingly ordinary, everyday, mundane things. God in the simple stuff. If you feel like you're missing out on some of this, come on over here and stand next to Steven with me.