Friday, February 04, 2005

Anabel Explains Mysterious "Bubboon" Lyrics to Eliza

I have friends named Bill and Jennifer Winegardner who write and perform songs for children. They are really funny, and if you have kids you should buy their record here ( Go ahead; I'll wait....

(checking watch...tapping foot...whistling a tune...probably one of Bubboon's tunes).

Okay, one of his songs features these lyrics:

I know a man who has no teeth
Eating causes him much grief
But when he is not gumming on a piece of beef
He says, "Blather, blather, blather, blather, blather, blather, blather"
It gives him much relief

I didn't say he was a profound songwriter. Another verse goes like this:

I know a girl with lots of hair
It grows all the way to...there
One day while she was sitting it got caught up in a chair
(Spoken) She still drags that chair with her everywhere she goes
She's the only woman I know with six legs

And it just gets better from there. It's a great song and fun to sing -- especially with kids -- though I'm not above singing it when I'm by myself and feeling especially in need of cheering up.

Okay, all that is just backstory. Here's a recent conversation between Eliza (age 3) and Anabel (age 5).

Eliza: A man who has no teeth? How does he walk?

Anabel: He doesn't. He just chews on a piece of beef.

Eliza: What's beef?

Anabel: It's bark. And bark is the hard part of the outside of a tree.

Eliza: Six legs? She's the only one with six legs?

Anabel: He's talking about numbers. It's like uno, dos, clays. You know!

Eliza's questions satisfied, she begins to sing and dance around the living room.