Monday, September 12, 2005

Questions from The Book of Job

God's question: Have you considered my servant Job?

Satan's question: Does Job serve God for nothing?

Satan is basically accusing God of being naive. Satan is also accusing Job of being depraved in an exhaustive way. He says that Job only serves God out of selfish motives -- because Job knows that God is a good source of blessings. Turn off the blessings, and Job will stop serving God. Mankind, according to Satan, is unable to choose selflessness -- incapable of nobility.

God is saying that this man Job isn't like that. He's not just nerve endings and body parts. Francis Crick and the evolutionary psychologists of the world are wrong. Humans do not merely act out of self-interest. Mankind is created in God's Image and can choose self-sacrificial love. People were created to know, experience and share that kind of love, and it is a more powerful force than either pleasure or pain.

My question: Is God trying to convince Satan or us?