Friday, December 24, 2004

Sleep in Heavenly Peace

In the beginning, God created absolutely everything, and it was all perfect. When everything was ready, he took a deep breath and said, "Watch this." A man and a woman blinked their eyes at each other, and the grand romance was set in motion.

But people ran away for some reason. And God spent the next several thousand years chasing down his beloved. Every time he'd catch them, they'd cry and have a grand reunion. But it never lasted long. Pretty soon, people would get bored or just tired of the same, old thing.

But this God -- he never gave up.

And when the time was perfect, he actually came down here -- wrapped himself in an earthsuit and planted himself as a tiny seed in a teenage girl. It was a rough and bumpy landing, to be sure. Nothing would be very smooth for him during his brief stay here. But he did it.

And because he did, people -- not all of them -- but some of them -- finally relented. He has won our hearts, this tiny baby born in Bethlehem.

Tonight, I pray that you will enjoy perhaps the greatest gift of all: to sleep in heavenly peace.