Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Watching Savannah Worship

I spent this past weekend with several hundred teens at an event called 12:11. One of those teens I have known for years and years -- her family has been part of our small group and among our best friends since 1994.

I watched her some this weekend. She's turned into quite a remarkable young lady. She's nice and friendly. She's got a positive attitude. She's got leadership skills. She's athletic.

But the best thing was watching her during the times of singing. Sunday morning she was on the front row -- head tilted back, eyes closed, hands up in the air. She was caught up in worship, and it was amazing to see. If you asked her, she probably couldn't explain it real well, but she's having an experience with God.

The only thing better than watching Savannah worship was watching her parents watching her worship. Danny and Tammy are among the people I admire the most. They are simple, honest people. And they are doing a marvelous job parenting.

Here's to good parents. Here's to young people who take God seriously and aren't too cool to show it. Here's to the way God continues to work, extending his love and grace to each new generation.