Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Life in the Cave

David's living in a cave. No explanation why. No word when it'll be over or if it will ever be over.

The cave -- you know this place. This is where you end up when all the props have been kicked out -- all the things you've been leaning on vanish. The cave is where you find yourself when you thought you were going to do such great things for God, have that great marriage, those wonderful kids. But then it all went down the tubes.

Some of you have been there. Some of you are there right now. Trust me: if you've never been there, you will be. Nobody plans on it, but sooner or later we all spend time in the cave. And it's here that you start to wonder, "Has God lost track of me? Has he forgotten? Does he even remember where I am? Does he hear? Does he care? Will I ever get out of here? Am I going to die here?"

Two things you need to know about the cave: (1) You will spend time here; (2) God does some of his best work here.

It's not usually in the palace, it's in the cave where you meet God. When all the props are gone and all you've got left is God -- that's when you find out that God is enough all by himself.