Thursday, July 21, 2005

Ontological Dualism

Wow! That's a compelling title, isn't it? But it's really important when facing giants to remember that Christians are ontological dualists. By that I mean that we believe there are really only two categories of things that exist: (1) God; (2) everything else.

Normally, we draw lines of distinction in the wrong places: male/female; animal/plant; physical/spiritual. That last one is the favorite of most Christians. We think there are things that are physical, and there are other (more important?) things that are spiritual. We tend to draw vertical lines to separate things from other things. But we ought to draw a heavy horizontal line to show that every thing -- male, female, animal, plant, physical or spiritual -- it all goes into category #2: everything else.

Only God is God.

The Bible is not God. The Church is not God. You are not God. I am not God. Prayer is not God. Evangelism is not God. These are all good things -- godly things. But they all go into category #2: everything else.

Here's what this matters. I do not know what your giant is. I don't know how big your giant is. I don't know if your giant has a sword, spear, javelin, helmet, shield, etc. But I do know which category your giant is in (hint: it's not God).

Cancer is not God. Divorce is not God. Unemployment is not God. Depression is not God. Fear is not God. Addiction is not God. These are all bad things -- ungodly things. And they all go into category #2: everything else.

Here's one other thing I know: Category #1 is larger and more powerful than all the contents of category #2 combined.