Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Extreme Sex (part 1)

Just curious: Have any of you ever heard a sermon from Song of Solomon?

I grew up going to church. My father is a preacher. I've probably heard 2,000 sermons in my life. I can't remember anyone ever using Solomon's Song of Songs as their text.

In a world so schizophrenic about sex, why has the church mostly just said, "When it comes to sex, we have one word, and that one word is: NO!"?

Evolutionary biologists and psychologists say the sex drive is all about procreation.

The entertainment and advertising industries say the sex drive is all about recreation.

People will go to ridiculous places for advice: Dr. Ruth. Loveline w/ Dr. Drew. The weird Canadian lady -- she's creepy. There's even a new reality show in HBO that follows two sex therapists in London.

And yet the one place people will not go to with their questions about sex is the church. That can't be right.

I'm asking you: have you ever considered asking someone at church a sex question?