Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Sometimes Nostalgia is Good for the Soul

A couple of weeks ago I was driving through the countryside of Maryland -- headed back from a retreat across the West Virginia line -- eager to meet up with my good buddy Bruce Hopler. It had been a very good retreat, but I was extremely tired. I began flipping through the radio stations, looking for NPR or something that would keep me interested on the 80-mile-drive. What I found instead was a radio station playing "Fool in the Rain" by Led Zeppelin.

That is one of those songs -- takes me back to a specific day in high school with Josh Touchton. It was the perfect way to set up spending time with Bruce -- put me in a great mood and let me relax and let go of all the work-stuff I had on my mind.

We probably all have songs like that -- songs that no matter what will stop our radio surfing and cause us to turn the radio up and sing along -- songs that bring an appropriate level of nostalgia. "Fool in the Rain" is one of mine. What are some of yours?