Thursday, April 06, 2006

Faith 2.0

Thanks for all the kind comments and email I've gotten about this new ministry venture. It's pretty exciting and more than a little scary to do this. As much as people may disagree with this: I am a traditionalist and do not readily embrace risky things like starting a new non-profit ministry.

I listen to jazz. I prefer baseball. I do not own any Bible software. I read George F. Will and Peggy Noonan, and I think they mostly make sense.

But I do own a laptop (Mac). I even own an iPod. I have a cellphone. I value innovation. I enjoy technology. I know that living a life of faith involves a certain amount of risk and am willing to get out of the boat if that's the only way to walk on water.

So, Faith 2.0 is the next step in this journey of discipleship for me. Soon, you'll be able to visit that website and do several things.

You'll be able to download .mp3 files of lessons I've taught. Since my time at the Tulsa Workshop a couple of weeks ago, I've had quite a few people ask me if I'm available to come and speak in the summer and fall. You'll be able to request speaking engagements from the website. I've got several different seminars I'm developing, and you'll be able to find information about those.

We're still open on some of the content we'll provide, so you tell me: What would you like to find on the website? What would be helpful for you?