Thursday, September 09, 2004

Blogger Said No

I composed a very long blog for you this afternoon. In it I complained from beginning to end about how much I have to do and how busy I am and how nobody appreciates me. I talked about things that frustrate me, and I tried to be self-deprecating about it.

But I was really just asking for pity and for people to give me money and stop making demands of me. I tried, of course, to couch it in psychologically and theologically sound terms. But really, it was just my way of saying, "It's hard to be me. Everyone should give me a salary and benefits just for being here on the planet."

Then when I tried to post it, Blogger said no. All of a sudden, the server could not be found.


Maybe this was God's way of saying, "Stop your whining and take responsibility for your own schedule."