Monday, April 11, 2005

One More Question

Jon Owen asked me a follow-up to the 5 Questions post. Here's his question:

"Looking at your links, you have many resources. If you had to list your top pick for encouragement/spiritual insight, which would you pick for each category?"

Okay, let's start with my wishlist, shall we? If I had to pick one thing it would be the Everyone Gospel set by Tom (N.T.) Wright. Bite-sized, popular level commentary on all four Gospels -- including his own personal translation from the Greek.

Next category: Places I work. Which one would I pick for encouragement/spiritual insight? Reflections Ministries. Dr. Kenneth Boa is the smartest man I've ever known. And he may be the most humble, generous and Christlike person as well. The things posted on that site -- everything from lectio divina helps to scholarly articles are all great sources of wisdom.

Classes I taught. If a person was going to listen (or watch) one of these classes, I'd have to suggest God Is With Us. If anyone wants any of these classes, I have most of them on CD -- you could just email me and ask.

Bloggers I read. Probably my favorite blog is also the hardest to read. Hugo Schwyzer is so paradoxical -- he's a conservative Christian who attends a liberal church -- a straight, white man who teaches gender studies and history at a community college in California. He's vigorously pro-life -- in both directions (opposed to abortion and capital punishment). His posts are so honest and thoughtful. I'm not sure if this really fits what you're asking (encouragement / spiritual insight), and he's certainly not the standard Christian blogger. But I really like his blog.

Sermons. I have to say that Andy Stanley is the most consistently good preacher I've ever listened to.

Books I'm actually reading. I just looked at the list and realized it needs to be updated. I usually change the list at the beginning of each month, but failed to do so when March became April. Of the books listed, C.S. Lewis' The Problem of Pain -- without a doubt. I've read it several times, and every time it gets better.

Articles I actually wrote. I'm not sure any of the articles are that encouraging or filled with spiritual insight. I suppose I'd recommend the article on The Da Vinci Code -- if for no other reason that because of it's relevance to right now.

The final section is called Archives. If I could steer people to one post it would be this one from last August. It's called A Father-to-father Connection. It's probably my favorite thing I've ever written.