Friday, November 25, 2005

I'm Trying

Some of you know how I struggle setting boundaries sometimes -- especially with work. I have so much to do that I often work -- without taking days off -- for weeks at a time.

Yesterday, I tried. But ideas are kind of hard to come by these days, so when they bubble up to the surface, it's good to get them out. I had a bunch of ideas about the concept of hope as it relates to parenting. So, I threw them at my wife as we were driving to my parents' house. Funny thing is, all the ideas came about five minutes after I told her that I just wanted to take the day off and not think about the parenting book.

And then there's today. I've tried two or three times to write something. And it's been like trying to get a splinter out. I put about 1,000 words on paper, read them over and deleted them. Then I tried to read, but after my third pass on the same page, I gave that up, too.

I told you that I was going to write something about Augustine's life today, but that ain't gonna happen. We're having Jeff and Elizabeth Sandstrom over for dinner tonight. I'm going to make a marinara sauce. Hopefully, something will float to the surface while I'm staring into the gravy.