Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Take THAT Broadman & Holman

The Gospel According to the Da Vinci Code is done. At least my part of it is done. At least it is for now.

My wife has been the most amazing person through these last few weeks. When it became clear that B&H was unwilling to extend our deadline more than a few days, we had to devote our lives to getting this thing done. We wrote -- get this -- 32,000 words in the last 15 days. That would not have happend if not for her (and Angie Fann).

Don't ask me how. Don't ask me if it's good. Don't even ask me what we said. I'm cross-eyed with fatigue.

But it's done.

Now, I go to bed. Tomorrow I wait to hear back from them if they think it's good or not.

BTW, check the time of this post to see how close it was! Take THAT Broadman & Holman.