Wednesday, November 30, 2005

The Story of Jonah

Clearly, the story of Augustine did not lend itself to comments and interaction. So, I want to change subjects now to something a little more practical for me -- something that I'm going to teach about for the next few weeks: the Story of Jonah.

When I was a kid the story was about two things:

1. Proving to people that a full-grown man actually could be swallowed by a fish and live to tell about it. If a person didn't believe that this story actually happened, they might not believe that anything in the Bible actually happened. And it had to be a fish -- not a whale. It seemed very important that God got his animal classification right.

2. The moral of the story was: If you run from God, he'll get you.

Anyone else have that experience?

Anyone want to chime in on what the story is really about?