Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Running From God: Hurting Innocent Bystanders

When you run from God (like Jonah), you always end up hurting innocent people around you. Think of those sailors on the boat with him! They have nothing to do with Jonah and him running from God. But they end up caught in the storm, throwing their cargo overboard, afraid for their lives.

How many kids are paying for the fact that their mom or their dad decided to run from God?

How many business partners are left holding the bag?

This is why it's important to really consider carefully who you get involved with. If they're running from God, your heart and motives may be pure, but you'll end up getting hurt. It is simply inevitable.

If you're a runner, you may think your relationship with God is your business and no one else's, but when you choose to run from God -- you end up hurting innocent bystanders.