Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Will There Be Hockey In Heaven?

I've got to go with my friend Dane on this one point. Let's stop trying to figure out exactly what heaven's going to be like. "Will there be golf courses there? Will there be sailing there?"

Oy vey!

Imagine you could go back in time, say, 4000 years. Now try to explain to them an airplane. You might say, "It's like a giant, metal bird. People get into it, read John Grisham books and travel thousands of miles in one day."

You'd have to use words and ideas they understood, right? That's what all the Bible's descriptions of heaven are like. We don't know exactly, because our brains don't have a file folder for what it will be like.

I actually had someone ask if there would be hockey and other sports in heaven.

Listening to the news a few minutes ago, I heard about the NHL lockout -- the owners and the players association can't reach an agreement, so the owners are going to keep the players from reporting to work.

Don't get me wrong -- hockey looks like a lot of fun, and I will occassionally watch a hockey game. But if the whole season got canceled I probably wouldn't miss it. I don't think I've ever said, "Ooh! The hockey game is on!"

Maybe hockey doesn't make the cut in heaven. (Sorry Canadian friends!). For Wade's benefit, pizza and baseball do.

As I said, I recently got an email asking me about all this. Will there be food? Will we get to have sex? Will there be children or will we all be adults?

Stop already!

I felt like writing back: "There will be sports, but only baseball. There will be food, but only sushi. There will be sex, but only for adults. And when you get your resurrection body it will correspond to the level of emotional maturity you have when you die."

When you get there you can find me playing t-ball with Dane.